A blindfolded man rides a bike in Coimbatore

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Coimbatore, June 3 : A magician in Coimbatore rode a motorbike for nearly 50 kilometres with his eyes blindfolded, as he tried to impress the scientific nature of traffic rules among his fellows.

Akash, the magician, said the traffic rules were designed in such a scientific manner that if one followed them religiously, one could drive safely and even blindfolded.

Son of a famous magician, Anand came up with the bizarre idea to persuade people to drive their vehicles within the speed limit and follow road rules.

Akash who started his stunt by driving under a fire ring, said he believes that the number of accidents in the city can be drastically cut down if people become careful.

"I can tell you the 70 per cent of the secret lies in traffic rules. I follow traffic rules and that is one of the main reasons why I am able to keep myself safe. I want to tell people how scientific these rules are. If we follow these rules, the fatality rate on the on the roads will be zero," said Akash, a magician.

After criss-crossing through the city blindfolded, Akash completed his 50 km run without any untoward incident as hundreds of curious onlookers cheered him on the way.

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