BJP interfering in internal affairs of Nepal: CPN-M

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Kathmandu, Jun 3 (UNI) Accusing the BJP of interfering in Nepal's internal affairs, Communist Party of Nepal-M (CPN-M) leader Ram Bahadur Thapa has said the latest remarks by the India's main opposition party were ''purely anti-Nepal''.

''By making these remarks the BJP has "directly intervened in Nepal's internal affairs,'' the Nepal News quoted Mr Thapa, an influential leader of the Maoists, today as saying.

News reports said that the BJP had termed the Maoist rule in Nepal ''fraught with dangerous consequences for India" and had also dubbed as ''negative step'' the turning of the Hindu country into a secular republic. The party also claimed that with just one-third popular votes, the CPN (Maoists) cannot form a government.

''The new government to be formed under Maoist leadership in Nepal is against India's interest and also poses security threat to India," reports quoted senior BJP leader and former external affairs minister Jaswant Singh as saying in New Delhi. The Maoist leader said that by making such statements BJP has only laid bare India's "expansionist dreams".

"The BJP doesn't have the right to speak on Nepalese matters," Mr Thapa said, adding, "all should be aware that it (BJP) was in favour of monarchy (in Nepal) in the past too and its latest remarks have clearly shown what it wants here." Mr Thapa said that the party would come up with a viewpoint on this by holding both internal and external meetings.

The Maoists have been claiming all important posts including President, Prime Minister and other important ministries. However, Nepali Congress, CPN,UML and other major parties have said that the Maoists cannot form government alone just by being the largest party.

According to the constitution, there is a need of two-third majority to form and bring down a government but the Maoists have only 220 seats in the 601 seats CA. Maoists have opposed the amendment of constituion.


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