Rakshana, the Animal orphanage in Tamil Nadu

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{image-Street Dogs1_03062008.jpg news.oneindia.in}Coimbatore, Jun 3: Sujata, daughter of a film producer, has set up an animal orphanage in Tamil Nadu for over 150 cats and 37 dogs. Driven by compassion for street dogs and cats, Sujata took the initiative of opening the orphanage 'Rakshana' that takes care of the animals that are left at the mercy of people on the streets.

Finding it difficult to rear the pets at her parent's house, Sujata decided to move out of her father's bungalow at Gobichettipalayam and purchased a spacious accommodation at Kullampalayam near Erode to take care of them. "I spend around 17,000- 18,000 rupees per month for upbringing of these pets. But I don't mind spending as it gives me immense mental satisfaction. In future, I would try to do everything possible for them," she said. The 35-year-old animal lover said that her fascination for animals started when she was just seven years old.

As she grew older, Sujata started to pick animals from streets and provided special attention to old, sick and disabled animals. The animals in the orphanage also include pets that are suffering from physical deformities and have been abandoned by their owners. Some of these animals are even blind.

Veterinary doctors periodically visit the orphanege from Chennai and Mettupalayam to ensure the well being of pets. Children who come and visit the orphanage are filled with excitement and term the experience amazing.

"I too have two cats in our house, but here we see hundreds of cats. This is really amazing. When I grow older, I will also start a orphan home like this," said Vekatesh, a visitor.

While the orphanage has proved to be a safe haven for stray dogs and cats, it is inspiring people to be kind towards animals.


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