BJP not to misuse the term 'secularism': Rajnath

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{image-Rajnath singh01_01062008.jpg}New Delhi, Jun 1: Taking exception to the misuse of the term 'secularism' by some political parties for furthering vote bank politics, the BJP today demanded a ban on the use of the word 'dharm-nirapeksh' (religion-neutral) as the Hindi word for secularism which could never be treated as a synonym for 'panth-nirapeksh'(sect-neutral).

Making a special mention in his inaugural address at the BJP Executive, BJP President Rajnath Singh said the official Hindi translation of the Preamble of the Constiution published by the Law Ministry had used Panth-nirapeksh for the word secular. There was vast difference between 'Dharma-nirapeksha' and 'Panth-nirapeksh.' India, he said, was a 'Dharma Pran' (Life of religion) nation as was evident in any part of the country. Indian National Emblem- three lions- carried eternal message 'Satyameva Jayate'. The truth signified dharma and not a sect. The Ashoka Charka in the Indian flag symbolised the cycle of dharma. Religion is present in the national emblem and national flag and over the head of the Speaker, the fountain of the supreme seat of Parliament. How can entire India and its establishement be neutral to dharma or can remain dharma-nirapeksh? He asked adding that there was an attempt to make India a dharma neutral nation.

He said using Dharma-nirapeksh for Panth-nirapeksh in the Hindi version of the Constitution was also incorrect and unconstitutional. It is not only against all national symbols of India but also against the very basis of real and perpetual ethos of the great nation. India, he said, was always sect neutral country and this was the reason all sects -- Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Shakti to Jainism, Sikhism and Bushism co-existed and flourished throughout history without causing any discrimination.

The BJP President also announced that the BJP would never use the word dharma-nirapeksh and the Government should issue a directive prohibiting the use of the word so that the people across the county used this word constitutionally and prevent confusion.


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