A concert for peace in Nagaland

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Dimapur, May 31 : Prominent bands of Nagaland performed at a concert christened 'Concert for Peace' to show solidarity to those killed in factional violence in the state.

The concert was held at City Tower Junction at Dimapur and was organized by Event Factory in collaboration with the XTC band.

Atsung Jamir, Director of the Event Factory spoke about their purpose behind organizing this concert.

"I think the purpose is quiet obvious everyone in our land especially Dimapur, we have been facing lot of fractional killings and violence for the last two-three months especially in last two weeks we have witnessed a lot of killings and violence. So we thought we had enough of all this non-sense and we musicians got together and expressed our distaste for all this gun culture and violence," said Atsung Jamir.

Echoing the similar sentiments was Moanungsang, one of the members of the XTC band said, "I think this is the example we musicians are trying to set up. Why because? Looking at the situation that has happened around us especially in Nagaland. There has been a lot killing going on between our own people and even the people from outside. So we definitely wanted to appeal to the general public and not only Nagas but to the citizens of Nagaland s well that what we need now is peace."

The concert featured six prominent bands from Dimapur and Kohima such as Project, Rattle and Hum, XTC, Diatribe, Higher Ground, Eximous and Illusions.

To further accentuate their message the organisers made use of slideshows and paper clippings on violence and the cries of the people, which were flashed on the LCD screen.

Nagaland is mainly a Christian state of two million people on India's far border with Myanmar.

The Naga insurgency is aimed at creating a separate state of "Greater Nagaland" for ethnic Naga people of the region. About 20,000 people have died in the conflict since it began in 1947.

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