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Mumbai, May 30 (UNI) Prices of spot groundut raw, palmolein and sunflower expeller refined oils and key seeds drifted lower for the third consecutive day today on heavy selling pressure in view of weaker advice from producing centres, traders at the Bombay Commodity Exchange (BCE) said here.

In oils (per ten kgs) groundnut raw, sunflower expeller refined and soyabean refined eased by Rs five, Rs ten and Rs six respectively while palmolein refined dropped by Rs seven on better selling pressure by stockists in face of larger stocks arrivals from producing centres and also expectation of ontime moonson start across the country.

Similarly, sesame expeller, rapeseed expeller and castor commercial oils came down between Rs five and Rs ten in line with other edible oils.

In seeds (per quintal), groudnut kernel, bold, kardi and sesameseed white varieties declined by Rs 25, each while castorseed grades eased by Rs ten on heavy offers by stockists in view of better stocks supply from millers.

In oilcakes (per tonnes) cottonseed extraction and rice rice bran extraction varieties declined by Rs 50 and Rs 150 resepctively on poor demand from shippers in view of larger stocks at the domestic markets, traders added.

However, linseed oil looked up by Rs ten to Rs 710 per ten kg, followed by rapeseed extraction by Rs 100 to Rs 9900 per tonne and nigerseed and castorseed by Rs 25 per quintal each on scattered demand from local dealers and lesser ready stocks, traders added.

Following are the spot rates of oilseeds (all figures in Rupees), as provided by the Bombay Commodity Exchange here: Oilseeds per quintal Oils per 10 kg Grd' kernel 3,550, Grd' Bold 60/70 4,250, G Nut Raw 710, Javas 60/70 4,350, Javas 70/80 4,250, Javas 80/90 4,150 Kardi (Export Qly)2,775 Kardi expeller 750, Sesameseed: Seasame Expeller 700 Sunflower Exp 675 Whitish (98/2/ffa) 6,800 Sunflower Exp Ref 710 Whitish (95/5/ffa) 6,600 Cottonseed (Refined) 622 Brown (48/2/2) 4,300, Refined Palm Oil 570 Soyabeen Ref 625 Rapeseed Ref 660 Rapeseed Exp 630 Copra white 635 Brown (48/3) ) 4,100, Rice Bran 4-7 FFA 525 Rice Bran 400 Linseed 710 Costor Comm 591, F.S.G. 601 F.S.G. Kandla 576 Mowra 535 Neem 475 Karanji 445 Deoiled cakes (per MT) G N Extr 45 pc 16,800 Kardi Extr 5,250, Undec Cottonseed Extr 9,450, Brown 48/4 3900 Rice Bran Extr 5,500, Sunflowerseed 2,800, Sunflower extr 9,900, Rapeseed N T, Rapeseed extr 9,800, Soyameal 48 per cent 18,800, Nigerseed 6,200 castorseed Bombay 2,805 Castor extra 4,000 Castorseed Disa 2,515 Castorseed Hyderabad 2,650 UNI AR OBB SKB1930

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