Brit shopkeeper threatened with arrest for parking ticket warning

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London, May 29 : A shopkeeper in Cheddar, Somerset has been threatened with arrest after alerting her customers to a parking ticket blitz.

Alma Floyd, 60, started tipping shoppers off when "over-zealous" police community support officers (PCSOs) began a ticketing campaign on people parking outside her store.

"Ever since the new parking rules were introduced, we've seen a slump in trade. The crackdown on parking on that pavement means passing motorists have nowhere to park and they don't come in here," the Daily Express quoted her, as saying.

"So I have been looking out for officers whenever they come near - it's the only thing I can do," she added.

But she claimed that last week a sergeant warned her that she risked prosecution if she continued to interfere with PCSOs "in their line of duty".

"I rushed out to say 'Don't book them, they're only here for a few minutes', but the over-zealous PCSOs wouldn't listen and it led to an argument," she said.

"I'm not proud of my actions but I found it extremely difficult not to raise my voice and I told them to b***** off.

"The following day, a police sergeant appeared at the door and warned me that I could be arrested if I interfered with PCSOs in the line of duty. It's very upsetting because we will lose our trade as well as our regular customers," she added.

Her husband John, with whom she has run the store for 12 years, said that while officers take tough action on shoppers, young tearaways continue to cause problems.

He said: "In the past 15 months we have had two front windows broken and all we get is a number to report it to the insurance - we've no idea if the culprits have been arrested, but I doubt it."

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