Theatre group creates awareness through tribal folk dances in Bengal

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Panagarh (West Bengal), May 28 : A theatre group called Ruraliving Theatre' is creating awareness about rural rights through tribal folk dances and plays in West Bengal's Burdwanistrict.

Founded in 1975, the theatre has come up with plays, which revolve roundssues concerning the lives of the villagers. The plays also create an awareness among the people about every day issues. "We try to create an awareness about the problems related to our village.

We talk about the daily issues concerning the lives of villagers.

We always highlight rural problems," said Usuf Mondal, a performer.

The performers use popular tribal folk dance forms like Karam, Dom, Baham and Lagre to convey their message to the villagers.

Projection of their day-to-day problems and needs through folk forms popular in the area is proving effective in creating awareness.

"We are very happy to see such plays based on rural issues.

We completely enjoy the performances. Even children enjoy the performances and get to interact with the performers. It is educational for them," said Sikingpran, a villager.

Unlike conventional theatre, the performers do not perform on stage.

They prefer to move from place to place to reach a large audience.

The performers get together to perform at any corner of the village or sometimes under a tree or in a courtyard. They also perform in paddy fields in order to reach maximum number of villagers.

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