Now, a software to identify you even cyber cafes

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Lucknow, May 28 : A team of software engineers in Lucknow has developedn innovative computer software called CRIS that can retain the photographsnd finger prints of Internet browsers along with other important detailshich can be traced later for purposes of identification.

With the help of this newly developed software, the profile of the sender of mischievous e-mail can be identified, tracked and monitored without givingny chance for the offender to escape from the clutches of law.

The software has been developed after a series of cyber crimes wereeported.

The credit for developing CRIS or, the Customer Registration anddentification System goes to Gi Biometrics for being a major help fornvestigating agencies on time.

The technology holds significance in the wake of reports that cyber cafesere used to coordinate the recent serial blasts in Jaipur that left 69 deadnd over 200 injured.

"We have developed this software for customer registration. We takeingerprints and live photographs along with this. We consider this livehotograph and fingerprint as the main identity through which we do furtherearch. The idea is that the cyber cafe owner should feel secure, thedentity of the customer does not change and police would get a timelyetail of which person has done the browsing," said Vajahat Hussain, theanaging Director of the Gi Biometrics in Lucknow.

"There is a separate section for the use of the police in this software. Theolice can come here, insert the password and check whether certain peopleave done browsing here or not," he added.

It costs rupees 1,200 and biometric kit accessory has to be used in theystem.

The activation of this software will require any customer visiting the cyberafe to produce his or her identity card as well as the imprint of one'shumb mark. Following this, the web-cam would automatically take austomer's photograph. It will also immediately register in its database theime and the user's identity using any computer.

The interesting part is that its database cannot be misused or tamperedince the fingerprint and photographs converts itself into encrypted form.

All the records would appear only once when the police press the button for report. It would have a separate section for the police so that theeports could be taken. Moreover, the records cannot be meddled with even ifne enters the password.

On the software being activated, even local residents and those using theebsite and Internet services feel secure.

"This is happening for the first time here and we feel really nice. It's anasy process and has no complications. You just have to get the registrationnce. I feel the whole country will be benefited with this. The cafe has aole in all the recent terrorist activities and they were not left with anyecord thereafter. But through this, it would be recorded as well as thehotograph will remain," said Sanjeev Kumar, a local resident.

Plans are afoot to introduce the same device in hotels as well. By Kamna Mathur

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