Nepalese waiting for the great historic Republic Day Celebration

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Kathmandu, May 28 (UNI) There is happiness and jubilation across the the Himalayan nation as the country is poised to declare the abolition of monarchy today.

Nepal's recently elected 601 member constituent assembly is meeting within an hour to declare the end of monarchy rule from Nepal. Not a singlec representative of the royalist supporter party could win seat in the CA. However, a royalist party has become able to send three representatives under the proportional representation system.

The monarchy is expected to be abolished unanimously as all the political parties have said that they will not support the monarchy in any form.

There are rallies, singing and dancing and shouting slogans against King Gyanendra in the streets of Kathmandu as the political parties are holding consultation at the Prime Minister's residence to work out the roles and responsibilities of the new president before the CA meeting takes place within hours.

There is huge banner in the Open Air Theatre in Ratnapark that read ''Welcome to New Republic.'' Civil Society group which played a crucial role to bring down Gyanendra's rule has taken out rally since early morning today. The rally shouted slogans, '' Gyanendra leave the palace.'' The government has decided to give 15 days time to the king to leave the palace.

Some rallies are seen taking the effigies of King Gyanendra saying ''Gyanendra leave the palace.''Another cultural group of an ethnic community is staging a dance near the International Convention Centre.

''Ruthless dictator leave the country forever,'' the cultural group of an ethnic community were seen signing in the capital city.

Security has been beefed around the Convention Centre where the CA meeting will be held within an hour to abolish monarchy, with a large number of security personnel. The area is closed with barbed wires.

There are singing and dancing near the venue welcoming the arrival of new era of democratic republic. There are reports of enthusiasm and happiness across the country as the government has declared three days holiday from today to celebrate the abolition of monarchy from the Himalayan kingdom that has ruled for 240 years under the iron grip.

King Gyanendra became so hated and unpopular as he dissolved the parliament, sacked the elected government and declared the himself as the chairman of the council of minister after coup in Feb 2005.

He was forced to quit following the Nepal has struggled for over 60 years to establish democracy, however, monarchy had snatched peoples rights. Democracy was restored in 1950 at the mediation of India but King Mahendra, father of Gyanendra sacked the elected government of BP Koirala and ruled the country in a dictatorial manner for 30 years.

Democracy was again restored in 1990 but Gyanendra took power in a coup in 2005. His rule was brought down two years ago when millions of people came to the streets demanding the abolition of monarchy.

Meanwhile, only hours before the first Constituent Assembly meeting is expected to declare Nepal a republic, the soon to be deposed King Gyanendra, who has acquired a name tag of the Last Shah King, is reportedly holding consultation with his close aides and supporters from yesterday afternoon inside the Narayanhiti royal palace, local media reports said.

Nepal news said quoting palace sources as saying that the King, who would soon be stripped off his title and become a common citizen of Nepal answerable to the country's law, is taking advises from officials of Palace secretariat, former Panchas, ministers during the erstwhile royal regime and those close to the palace on his future moves and options as Nepal turns the page on the 239 years of history of monarchy in the country.

Crown Prince Paras, whose playboy image also said to have contributed much to the fall of monarchy, including some members of the royal family are also actively participating in the intense discussion, it is learnt After consultations King Gyanendra is expected to issue a message in the name of the countrymen in which he is said will try to defend his past actions, explaining that he had not staged the royal coup of February 1 with any bad intentions.

The former Royal Nepal Army has also dispatched a special commando force for the security of the palace.

''Bye bye to the dictator and welcome to democracy'' a cultural group with painting republic Nepal in their faces, are seen singing.

That enthusiasm of the people reflect the sentiment of the Nepalese across the country as Nepal enters into a new era of democracy.


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