Nepal parties agree on ceremonial President as in India

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Kathmandu, May 27: A day before the declaration of abolition of monarchy, the Maoists in Nepal agreed to the provision of a ceremonial President with executive powers to Prime Minister.

Initially, the Maoists wanted a Presidential system and a ceremonial Prime Minister. However, other major political parties--Nepali Congress and UML-- wanted the Prime Minister with executive powers and a ceremonial President. With extensive meetings for the last few days at Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala's residence here, the parties finally agreed today for the ceremonial President and the issue of constitution amendment to make the provision of simple majority to form and dissolve the government.

At present, there is the provision of two-third majority or consensus to form and dissolve the government. Maoists are against the amendment. However, other parties fear that the Maoists would cling on to power if the provision of two-third is not amended to bring down the government. Maoists have 220 seats in the 601 member Constituent Assembly.

The parties have also decided to recommend the government to give public holiday from May 28-30, declaring it as a national celebration to herald the republican set up in the Himalayan Nation.

After the first meeting of the CA implements republic tomorrow, there will be a one week recess before another meeting takes place.

''During that one week, we intend to resolve other major differences like on the issue of amending constitution to replace two-third provision with simple majority and so on,'' General Secretary of the CPN, UML Jhalanath Khanal said. The royal flag will be replaced with national flag at the Narayanhity royal palace tomorrow, he said.


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