Engineering students of Punjab design a 'wonder car'

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By Sunil Sharma

Chandigarh, May 26 : Engineering students here have designed a 'wonder car' that can travel a distance of 250 kilometers on a litre of petrol.

Presenting this car for the first time before the media, the leader of the group Gaurav Aggarwal said that the car has a 92 cc engine with TCI ignition system. The frame of the 65 kg car has been developed by using special grade aluminum 6063 T6.

"The outer shell of this car has been designed out of the fibre and Kelvar, which are very light and bullet proof material. The shell has air dynamic shape in which coefficient of drag is very less. But we have taken care of visibility and full care has been taken of visibility and seating arrangement of the driver. The car is 11 feet long, 4.5 feet wide and 2.5 feet tall. It's a single person driven car and will be driven in half laid position," said Gaurav.

The car, which can run on an open track and give a mileage of 250 km per litre, is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and modified carburetor and fuel supply system is in achievement in itself.

The elated students said they would put it on display at the World Super Mileage competition being held at Michigan in USA from June 5 to 6 where contestants from 35 countries, including USA, UK and Bahrain will also display their exhibits.

Replying to a volley of questions from the media, Ramandeep Singh, Director, Rayat Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, said that the students qualifying for this prestigious event were proud of their achievement.

"I will only put it that the very fact that the students are competeting from here is important. It's not a must that they should bring a prize. The very fact that they are one of the thirty teams and most of the teams are from Europe is a proud moment for us. Even if they stand 2nd, 5th or 10th hardly makes any difference. But what matters is that they are competing in a venture where they are going to prove that their car is running at 250 kilometers in just a litre of petrol is itself a very big venture," Ramandeep added.

The students claim that the car will cost Rs. five lakhs commercially while its research and development have costed over Rs.2.13 million to the institute.

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