Spray away your shyness with love hormone

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London, May 25 (UNI) Feeling jittery about your first date ? Spray the Love hormone to win your dream girl with confidence.

Researchers are now developing nasal spray that contains the natural love drug chemical called Oxytocin that could help banish excessive shyness.

Also called the cuddle chemical, this hormone helps to calm people in tough situations.

The study published in journal Neuron stated that inhaling the hormone lowered activity in the amygdala - a region linked with fear, danger and social disorders.

The nasal spray could help overcome phobia leading to awkwardness, wariness and anxiety in social situations-- from parties to meetings.

Social Phobia is the third most common psychiatric disorder after depression and alcoholism, affecting around one in ten adults.

The hormone could also be a candidate for treating patients with autism, said lead researcher Thomas Baumgartner.

''People with autism also have a fear of social situations and have problems interacting, so it is very likely that oxytocin could help,'' he added.

The study also stated that oxytocin could outweigh the effects of rumour and gossip about the lack of trustworthiness.

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