Muslim grps meet to condemn terrorist attacks

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Pune, May 24: Around 2,000 Muslim clerics, including Ulemas, Maulanas, Maulvis and Imams, will attend a day-long conference on May 27 to condemn the recent terror attack in Jaipur that had left 65 dead.

Addressing a news conference here, All Maharashtra Rabte-i-Diniya, Pune president Maulana Nizamusddin Fakhruddin said the conference will be chaired by Hazrat Maulana Hakim Mohammad Abdullah Mugaisi Saheb, President of All India MILI Council, Delhi, to condemn the growing terrorist activities.

''Islam stands for peace and harmony. There is no place for killing any human, as it is against the religion itself,'' he said, adding that there is a misperception among the public and the needle of suspicion always points to madrasas, as they are viewed as training grounds for terrorism.

''We do not accept this, as madrasas only impart knowledge of Islam,'' he said.

Spokesperson for the organisation, Amanullah Khan said the government had failed to curb terrorism.

''The government must take strong action wherever it is most needed like sealing borders to prevent the entry of Bangladeshis or HUJI activists from crossing over. It is the responsibility of the government to curb terror attacks,'' he added.


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