Prithvi II launch part of Army training to fine-tune systems

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New Delhi, May 23 (UNI) The successful launch of the nuclear capable Prithvi II surface-to-surface ballistic missile has been described as part of an ongoing Army training to fine-tune guidance and delivery systems.

''Prithvi-II is inducted into Army and today's launch was carried out as part of Army training,'' the Defence Ministry said here.

Taken from a routine production lot, the missile was launched with an improved Aided Inertial Navigation and achieved single digit accuracy reaching close to zero Circular Error Probability (CEP).

The missile is armed with features to deceive any Anti-Ballistic Missiles.

Prithvi II has a range of 350 Km with a flight duration of 483 seconds reaching a peak altitude of 43.5 km.

The 200-250 km range Prithvi, designed for quick maneuverability and war-time efficiency, soared into the clear blue sky hitting the built-up target.

The missile could be used as a tactical battlefield weapon.

Although it has a range of 250 km with a 700 kg warhead, the payload could be increased to 1,000 kg.

The first test firing of the Prithvi missile was carried out on February 22, 1988, from the Rocket Launching Centre of Sriharikota in Andhra Prdaesh. Since then, several testfires had been conducted at the Interim Test Range.

'Prithvi' is one of the five missiles under various stages of development as part of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP).

The missile is said to be a modified version of the indigenous Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-3) and used liquid propellant with almost all components made in the country.


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