Celeb chef Gordon Ramsay eats contestant's thumb!

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London, May 22 : Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay gave finger food a whole new meaning when the thumb of a contestant on his reality TV show ended up in the food.

'Hell's Kitchen' contestant Matt accidentally cut off the tip of his thumb while preparing pancetta stuffing for a pan-fried quail, reports the Daily Star.

As the bleeding chef ran from the room to seek first aid, his teammates took over and accidentally fried up the thumb with the rest of the meat.

They did not realise the mistake until Gordon came in asking about the injured cook.

"Where's the top of his finger gone? Find his finger - check in the pancetta," The Daily Star quoted him, as saying.

Chef Christina said: "We've just cooked it."

Gordon groaned: "Oh God, finger pancetta!"

Even after realising what had happened, he didn't stop the cooking process, and told the team to carry on.

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