Leopard rescued from 30-feet pit in Uttar Pradesh

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Malihabad (UP), May 21 : Forest authorities in Uttar Pradesh have rescued a leopard, which fell into a 30-feet deep pit.

Villagers of Malihabad near Lucknow saw the fallen leopard inside the pit and immediately informed the police and forest authorities.

Initially, rescuing the spotted feline proved difficult because the pit was deep. Forest authorities however succeeded in their mission after a strenuous four-hour rescue operation.

"The leopard was in a very bad condition as it had fallen into a 30-feet deep hole. There was no space for the animal to move. We pushed a rope ladder and a net inside. I went inside the pit and tied up its legs. I caught the animal in the net after tranquilizing it and then pushed up the animal by pulling the net up," said, Kamal Khan, a forest authority.

"The rescue operation was dangerous. But at the same time it was done with precision and ended perfectly. The animal is fine," said Vinod Chandra, circle officer, Malihabad.

In recent years, incidents of wild animals straying into urban areas have increased owing to loss of habitat and increased human encroachment into forest areas.

In India, leopards, the smallest of the 'Big cats' comprising the lion, tiger and jaguar are found all over the country and there is maximum man-animal conflict here as they are spread everywhere.

The animals often enter human habitat in search of food and are injured when they are attacked. It is illegal to kill leopards in India.


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