'Pak missed the bus of democracy'

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{image-pakistan flag_16052008.jpg news.oneindia.in}Islamabad, May 16 : With the collapse of the PPP-PML-N coalition, Pakistanis have missed the bus of democracy, because President Pervez Musharraf seems to have become stronger today than he was on Nov 3, 2007, and the biggest party of the ruling coalition - the PPP - is seen fulfilling Benazir Bhutto's "compromise" with Musharraf on Oct 18, 2007, which was mediated by the US and the UK, said an analytical article in The News.

"As per the 2007 deal (between Benazir and Musharraf), the PPP's purpose in coming back was to from a government that would strengthen the hands of Gen Musharraf, who would (thanks to America) become Mr Musharraf, and lead the War on Terror. The PPP's assigned role was to support Musharraf's leadership in the War on Terror," said the article.

It further said that Pakistanis had voted against Musharraf, decisively rejected him and all his works with the sole intention of having a democratic government. But, in the pursuit of fulfilling Benazir's "compromise" with Musharraf, the PPP put the most crucial issue of restoration of judiciary to the Nov 3, 2007 form, on the backburner and did not pay heed to its coalition partner the PML-N's demand.

This stance of the PPP led to the PML-N walking out of the coalition government, and Pakistanis once again missed the bus of democracy, said the article.

It further said that the primary task of the new democratic coalition government was "to undo the mischief of Gen Pervez Musharraf's Nov 3, 2007, Emergency, PCO and media gagging laws", as even five former chief justices of Pakistan and 22 Supreme Court judges that termed Musharraf's Nov 3 actions as "unconstitutional and illegal, and thus void in law".

The PPP and PML-N leaders could not agree in Murree, Islamabad, Dubai and finally in London. The PPP stands to lose much popular support if it does not deliver the unconditional restoration of judges, said the article and added "doubtless, the PPP is replacing the PML-Q's role until the Feb 18 elections of supporting President Musharraf and letting Pakistan be run in accordance with the US' priorities, especially on the War on Terror".

"There is confusion and chagrin on the faces of most PPP supporters. The PPP may have shot itself in the foot for short-term benefits through an alternative coalition to include the PML-Q, but dropping the PML-N from the central government," added the article.

Damning the country's "establishment" which consisted of "top civil and military bureaucracy", the article said that Pakistan remains in the control of the "establishment" which never goes out of office, and has the support of all social and economic elites, i.e. the majority of the feudals, bankers, industrialists, contractors, the conmen and the conscienceless sharp lawyers are with him. Importantly, the US still stands behind Mr Musharraf."

The detailed analytical article concluded by saying: "The bus Pakistanis have missed is of democracy, because the election results of Feb 18 were a historic opportunity. The people had decisively rejected Musharraf and all his works. All his prominent ministers lost badly, many losing deposits. What was needed was a clear understanding of the situation and to realise how pregnant that moment was. However, it is no use crying over spilt milk. That moment has passed. Others facts of life have asserted themselves. Within a few days western powers could have heard respectfully what the PPP and PML-N had to say. Musharraf is stronger today than he was on Nov 3. Why?"


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