Brit women carry 27billon pounds in their handbags!

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London, May 13 : Ever wonder just how much money women carry around in their bags? Well, as it turns the figure is a whopping 27 billion pounds for British women.

A new survey in the UK reveals that an average bag and its content are worth 881.68 pounds.

According to the poll by women's car insurers Diamond, almost 90 per cent of women carry bags worth 30 pounds, and have at least 50 pounds in cash inside them.

80 percent of women carry at least one mobile worth a 100 pounds, while 33 percent have a leather diary costing around 22 pounds.

Another favourite item would be sunglasses that usually cost a 100 pounds.

Besides this, there is the usual make-up, a book, a notepad, pens and even an umbrella.

However, the most valuable items in a woman's bag are her house and car keys - losing any of these can mean a loss of 250 pounds for that's the amount it would take to get them replaced.

Sian Lewis, the managing director of Diamond, said that the survey showed just how much wealth a woman's bag can carry.

"Handbags are an easy target for thieves and these figures show the rich pickings that are available inside the average one," The Sun quoted him, as saying.

"In fact, 16 per cent of women admit to having their handbag stolen - so the thieves obviously realise how much they are worth, even if the owners don't," he added.

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