PETA asks Bush to turn veg, stop blaming India for food crisis

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Mumbai, May 9 (UNI) Lambasting US President George Bush for blaming India for the current global food crisis, the Indian Chapter of a global NGO, People for Ethical Treatment of Animal, (PETA) today asked him to turn vegetarian to help resolve the crisis.

''Since India has more vegetarians than any other nation in the world, we'd like to suggest that if you are truly concerned about the hunger crisis, it is time to take a leaf from our book and go meat-free and encourage other Americans to do the same,'' the PETA India Chief Functionary Anuradha Sawhney, in a letter to the President Bush, said.

Claiming that a large percentage of Indians are vegetarian and that 7.27 Kilogram of grain are required to produce 0.45 Kilogram of meat, she asked Mr Bush to address his own role in the food shortage by not going vegetarian.

''How will kicking wealthy countries addiction to meat help feed starving people?'' the PETA's letter said, adding that the world is already growing enough crops to feed every human being, but food that could be used to nourish starving people is instead fed to billions of chickens, pigs and cows to be slaughtered for their flesh.

PETA has also sent the President an easy-to-follow vegetarian starter kit and a basket of tasty vegan foods to help him embark on his healthy new diet.

''In light of the global food crisis, it is the perfect time for President Bush to lead the fight against hunger by going vegetarian,'' Ms Sawhney said.


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