Bluetooth makes your every move trackable

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London, May 8 : You might be having the 'all technologically advanced' air around you, courtesy the Bluetooth facilitated mobile phone, but before getting drawn in that here's some shock for you - the wireless link makes your every move trackable.

According to Vassilis Kostakos at the University of Bath in the UK, Bluetooth makes a person's movements trackable by anyone equipped with a PC and an appropriate receiver.

To back the finding, Kostakos and collegeaus placed four Bluetooth receivers in the city's centre.

Over four months, his team tracked 10,000 Bluetooth phones and was able to "capture and analyze people's encounters" in pubs, streets and shops.

Bluetooth is now more of a privacy threat than the more frequently publicized RFID chips, Kostakos says.

"If people are worried, they should turn off the Bluetooth function on their mobile phones," New Scientist quoted Kostakos, as saying.

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