Beware figure conscious females, dieting may cause TB

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Lucknow, May 4 (UNI) Fashion experts may or may not differ on the concept of zero size figure which latest bollywood heartthrob Kareena Kapoor is said to have developed but it is definitely a no-no for the medical fraternity which warns young women to keep themselves away from this.

The blind race among the beauty and calorie concious females for acquiring paper-thin figure, the current fad in model and tinsel world, is vehemently opposed to what recent medical research says.

The indiscreet ways of dieting- the current fad among women and even among men, may lead to Tuberculosis (TB), warns a recent medical study.

More than 150 confirmed such cases have been found in the state capital during the last five years where dieters ended up with TB only because of low and inadequate quantity of quality food and that too in the city of nawabs which is considered to be a gourmets' delight.

The findings by a group of medicos at King George Medical University here is no less than a shock for the medical fraternity as serious efforts are on globally to eradicate TB, once a deadly disease.

What is more shocking that the TB cases have been reported mainly among the urban women which are generally in the age group of 13 to 35 years and want to shed oodles of weight without being taking into account the nutritional part, according to an observational study by Dr Surya Kant, professor, Department of Pulmonary Medicine, King George's Medical University (KGMU).

Tuberculosis, which was prevalent among the low income group people and mainly due to malnutrition, has exposed this facet of the urban life which has been taken over by the fad of achieving curvaceous figures even at the cost of one's health. The balanced calorie regime was not bad but the approach to such kind of fitness regime was something which should be properly guided,according to the study.

About a half of the country's population carry Bacterium-mycobacterium tuberculosis which may lie in the body in the dormant state but if the immunity levels in the body is lowered, the TB bacteria becomes active and may cause TB.

In fact such situation is reached during deiting. When a person is on a prolonged dieting, his heomoglobin , serum protein, serum calcium, imunogloblins, vitamins and mineral levels are lowered in the body which in turn reduces the body imunity heavily.

The modern slimming centres and fitness boutiques are also to be blamed as they subject their clients to the diet and excercise regime without proper medical pros and cons. Many of the females who were found carrying active TB bacteria during the study had been regulars at such centres.

Though the executives at such centres have their version on this. When contacted, they argue in most of the cases, their clients did not follow their advice properly and instead of taking in balanced diet, they went on fasting with a desperate desire to lose weight as early and possible and as mauch as they can.

The experts at KGMU adviced that the person going in for a prolonged dieting should understand the importance of balance diet which includes sufficient amount of protein, fruits and vegetables in the food.


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