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London, May 3 (UNI) From the metallic fallout of the first atomic bomb to the aroma of cloves and oranges, first aid kit of a medieval plague doctor to the surface of the sun-- these extraordinary smells find a place in the first of its kind aromatic exhibition.

The acrid reek of a blazing meteor impact, the sweaty bouquet of a space station, the hothouse aroma of a Victorian greenhouse are also there for the smelling at the Reg Vardy Gallery, University of Sunderland.

Robert Blackson of the University of Sunderland, mastermind behind the endeavour, said, ''What we have created here is a world first, a scientific flight of fancy made up of exotic and strange scents.'' ''One person will love a smell when their friend will hate it.

There are no good or bad smells,'' he added.

One extraordinary fragrance, in the exhibition which will run till June 6, is the aftermath of the first atomic bomb, dropped on Japan on August 6, 1945. ''The Hiroshima smell is quick and pungent, very metallic,'' the Daily Telegraph quoted Blackson as saying.

There is also the smell of Cleopatra's hair, based on an incense that was popular among ancient Egyptians containing raisins, an evergreen called Cassia, and wine.

The Soviet Mir space station, which burnt up in the atmosphere in 2001, smells of formaldehyde and charred material (the space station caught fire).

Among the stranger smells is the surface of the sun. ''It is hard to sum up. It is an atmospheric smell, like walking into a room when the sun has been pouring in. It gives a freshness, a sun kissed feel with a bit of metal. If you can say something smells hot, this is it,'' Blackson said.


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