Was childhood Nazi experience behind Dungeon dad 'bestiality'?

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London, May 3 : His cruel and tyrant ways are making people believe that Josef Fritzl's 'bestiality' might have been the result of the war in which the Nazis annexed Austria in 1938.

A chilling image from the childhood of dungeon dad Josef Fritzl shows Adolf Hitler receiving "sieg heil" salutes from his adoring followers in Amstetten.

It is believed that Fritzl - then nearing his third birthday - turned out with the rest of his home town to greet the Nazi leader on March 14, 1938.

Only a short stroll from the cellar where Fritzl raped his daughter and imprisoned their incest offspring lies the site of a Nazi concentration camp where 500 women were caged during World War II.

Sadistic Fritzl threatened to gas his own captive children in their dank cellar prison, although it is not yet known if he actually rigged up a system to release toxic fumes.

For 24 years the evil dad kept daughter Elisabeth prisoner beneath his home.

She bore seven children as he repeatedly raped her over the years.

Three were "chosen" to live with Fritzl and his wife Rosemarie, one died as a baby and the other three stayed underground with Elisabeth before finally being rescued few days back, reports The Sun.

Born in Amstetten on April 9 1935, little is known about Fritzl's background and early life, although one town hall official said: "Fritzl was born out of wedlock, he's illegitimate."

According to relatives, his mother's name was Rosa, and his father was called Franz Fritzl.

In a tree-filled park in Amstetten's historic centre, a memorial with the carved image of a Nazi storm trooper bears the name of Franz Fritzl as one of those who fell in Hitler's war.

Young Josef Fritzl may have joined the Hitler Youth, although officials say records were burned at the end of the war.

But it is known that Amstetten was a hotbed of Nazi activism.

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