Scientists create 'pixie dust' to help re-grow lost fingers, limbs

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London, May 1 : Science and technology surely have come off age, so much so that you can now regrow a finger or even a limb - thanks to a miracle pig powder 'pixie dust'.

The incredible medical breakthrough, which was revealed on April 30, offers a genuine new hope for burns victims and people who lose limbs.

The miracle medication has been developed by scientists using pig bladders.

The powder has been created at America's Pittsburgh University after cells were scraped from a pig bladder lining and leftover tissue put in acid.

The process removes the cells that tell the body to form scars, while leaving behind the ones that tell the body to grow normally.

The tissue is removed from the acid and turned into powder which patients then put on their wound.

The powder - called "pixie dust"- stimulates cells to replace the damaged body part.

"I think within ten years we will re-grow bones and promote the growth of functional tissue around those bones. And that is a major step towards eventually doing an entire limb," The Sun quoted Chief researcher Stephen Badylak, as saying.

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