Exquisite sculptures created out of automobile scrap

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Kolkata, Apr 30 : A sculptor in Kolkata churns out exquisite sculptures using automobile scrap.

Whenever thirty-year-old Narayan Sinha sees rusty silencer pipes or dented bumper guards, damaged tires or leaking petrol tanks, his magic fingers turn them all into works of art.

His studio apartment stands in testimony of his strange love and is replete with swans and cranes made from petrol tanks and silencer pipes and wall decorations made from tyre plates and wires and carburettor caps.

Sinha finds ways of utilising things, which are normally thrown away.

Speaking on why he chose scrap as a medium for art, Sinha said, "My father is a businessman and he is into automobile scrap business. The people neglect the scraps of automobiles. So, I tired to use them."

But the most eye-catching are his huge sculptures. A sculpture depicting a lady waiting to start a journey is made from automobile body scrap while another sculpture of a family on a bicycle is made from automobile and bicycle scrap.

Sinha's clients, range from industrialists to fashion designers and Bollywood actors. He also refuses to accept that his sculptures are abstract.

"My work is not abstract one. You can say its semi-realistic because my things are made out of scrap, but there is a human touch. I always follow the human figure, the animal figure and the lotus," said Sinha.

His workshop in Birbhum has about seven to eight workers.

Sinha doesn't merely make decorative items. Most of his sculptures also have utility value.

For example, the sofa sets in his studio apartment have been made from old doorframes and automobile scrap. The idols in the house, the tables, the corner stands, everything is made from scrap.

As there are lot of takers for his kind of art now, Sinha also holds solo exhibitions across the country on a regular basis.

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