Here's how to make the most out of your family vacation

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Washington, Apr 27 : Planning the much-awaited vacation with your family? Well, here are few tips that will help to make the most out of the getaway sans intrusions.

Edythe Harvey, MD, a psychiatrist with Menninger has offered five suggestions to alleviate stress during one's vacation and enjoy the holiday time to the hilt.

"Going on vacation is a time to get away and relax, not stress out about. So start making plans now to leave work at work and focus on the most important people-your family," Harvey said.

The suggestions are - Try something different. Vacationing when kids are out of school is certainly a convenient time but can be the most expensive time to go on vacation, as well as the most crowded at popular destinations, adding the unwanted tension you're trying to leave behind. Consider roads less traveled, especially if you've already been to Disney, for example.

"And by roads, I mean think literally. Get in the car instead of on the plane for your next trip, but only if that is something you know your family will enjoy. You know your family and whether a car journey will help you achieve your goal of relaxing or not. Discuss options together and come up with something everyone has agreed they think they will enjoy," Harvey said.

The second mantra of a happy holiday getaway is - do your homework. Having to plan can be one of the most difficult things about vacations, but planning in advance helps you not to worry. Making plans ahead of time, at least a month in advance, and researching what to expect upon arrival will help save headaches when you arrive. Involve your family in the planning, thinking through what's going to happen when you get there.

Leave work at home. This is "your time" to relax, make memories and have a good time. This means turning off your cell phones. If you are all together, you don't need a cell phone.

Plan for anxiety. Everything isn't going to be perfect all of the time, but being of the same mindset can help everyone get through the anxious times. If there has been a change in plans, communicate this with your family as soon as possible.

According to Harvey another important point to note is - make time to bond.

Be mindful of how your reactions affect your children-it's good for kids to see how parents respond to new things. It's okay to be anxious.

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