A culinary menu to cater specific blood groups

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Hyderabad, Apr 24 : A restaurant in Hyderabad has come up with a unique menu, which serves cuisine aptly suiting the diner's blood group.

The new menu on offer in an outlet of 'Taj' chain of hotels is a part of food festival that aims to savour the taste buds of health conscious gourmets and gourmands as it caters to their diet on the basis of their blood groups.

Aptly titled 'Haemo Gourmet', the delectable smorgasbord has been marked with labels for items on the menu which give details about the particular blood group it is suitable for.

According to the hotel management, this distinctive concept is the result of extensive research, which is an exclusive blend of nutrition and health.

"It's a very good concept. But if you actually eat what is according to your blood type actually, it will help you in your blood flow," said Jai Kanth Shroff, General Manager, Taj Banjara.

Hridananda Behera, the executive chef of Taj Banjara feels that most of the time people gorge on food without proper consideration. "We bring you food promotion, while we are purely recommending people, what is your blood group and what should be your diet. We are talking in terms of only blood group and what is the diet you should follow," said Behera. This menu has generated excitement amongst the food buffs, who called it aovice idea, which they have come across for the first time.

"It is interesting and I can try it to keep good health," said Andrews, a foreign tourist.

Moreover, the festival also recommended the people of different blood groups about the various food items that they should include in their diet plan, such as people belonging to blood group 'A' should follow vegetarian diet, while for blood group 'O', a protein rich diet was suggested. By Narendra

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