DNA test resolves baby mix up row

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Chennai, Apr 23 (UNI) The impasse over the mix up of two babies at the Government Maternity Hospital in North Chennai came to an end this evening, with the hospital authorities conclusively proving the parentage of the children through a DNA test.

The hospital authorities went in for a DNA test after two women, a Muslim and a Hindu, staked claim over a baby boy, after a mix up of babies, minutes after they gave birth on April 17 through the caesarian section.

There was confusion and frustration as the hospital staff swapped the babies, saying there was a mix up.

As both the families staked claim for the baby boy and refused to accept the girl. Tension mounted near the premises with the family members of both the families resorting to a road roko. The hospital authorities had no option, but to go in for a DNA test.

Accordingly, blood samples were collected from the babies and their mothers and the authorities, after conclusively establishing the children's parentage, returned the baby boy to Farida and the baby girl to Kamakshi Elangovan.

The DNA test also proved right the hospital records that Farida had given birth to a male baby and Kamakshi a girl.

The problem arose when the hospital staff, by mistake, gave the female baby to Farida and the male baby to Kamakshi. They realised their mistake and wanted to restore the babies to their original mothers, but Kamakshi refused to accept the baby girl.

While Farida came forward to accept the boy, Kamakshi refused to accept the girl and claimed that she had delivered only a male baby and insisted that she be given the male baby.

After nearly a week, the new born babies, kept in the hospital nursery amid tight security, were returned to their mothers this evening.


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