Britain backs India's bid for UNSC seat, entry into G8

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London, Apr 23 (UNI) Britain has iterated its support for India's membership to the UN Security Council and the G8.

Addressing the Annual Luncheon of the Labour Friends of India (LFI) yesterday, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said, ''I believe, the Security Council without India cannot be a Security Council reflecting the reality of the day and as regards the G-8, we need India in this as it is one of the fastest growing economies.'' He also wanted India to be a part of what he called ''a global New Deal''-- a partnership that will overhaul a string of international institutions and create new ones in order to ensure globalisation benefits the world's poor.

He said, ''We need a global New Deal between rich and poor countries that can release millions of people from poverty, ensure every child goes to school and eradicate preventable and avoidable diseases from the world.'' ''And just think what we can achieve, India and Britain working together. I know there are voices in India that I know want to do this. Let the Friends of India send out a message: this partnership is stronger than ever. It will strengthen in the years to come. It will not simply be a partnership for India and Britain. It will be a partnership that will benefit the whole world,'' he added.

He said, ''What is happening at the moment is that we have a moment of opportunity that will come and go unless we make the most of it-- a moment of opportunity to rebuild the global institutions in a manner that will make globalisation inclusive for all people across the world.'' Mr Brown added, ''I look forward to working with the Indian government and the Indian people in a major programme for the reform of the international institutions that will recognise the rising importance of India in the world but recognise also that India, Britain and other countries working together are the only means by which we can create the type of world that gives us peace, prosperity and sustainable development.'' A number of cabinet ministers, including Secretary of State for Justice Jack Straw and Minister for Olympics Tessa Jowell, as also Lord Swaraj Paul, British Ambassador for Overseas Business, London Mayor Ken Livingstone and veteran Labour leader Lord Neil Kinnock were present at the luncheon held at the Washington Hotel, owned by NRI entrepreneur Joginder Sanger.

The Prime Minister also presented the Fenner Brockway medal, commemorating a man who was born in colonial India in 1888 and later dedicated his life to campaigning for the independence of India from British rule, to Lord Neil Kinnock, Chairman, British Council.


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