Kolkata club for the speech and hearing impaired

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By Ajitha Menon Kolkata, Apr 18 : A unique club was formed in Kolkata for the deaf-mute, where those suffering from speech and hearing impairment 'communicate' with each other through signs and gestures.

Every Thursday, these people get together at Dacres Lane in Kolkata to talk their heart out in an 'animated' manner.

The landmark Peerless Building has been a witness to their conversations and tales for years now.

According to the shopkeepers and vendors along the street, these special people supposedly have heated discussions as they have seen members gesticulating in an animated manner.

But then, all this is a mere guess, as many of us cannot understand their sign language.

"They come here, talk to each other through sign language and go away. It doesn't affect us since we cannot hear anything. They have been coming here since several years," said Shribhopan Shah, a vendor.

Most of the members of the club have been doing odd jobs to meet their ends.

Several shopkeepers in the vicinity have now, over a period of time started understanding the gestures and signs.

These people come here to de-stress themselves and talk their heart out in front of their counterparts who have time for each other unlike 'normal' folks.

And noiselessly, they 'communicate' and 'talk' and 'discuss' topics that they take back home as the sun sets.

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