Baldness not a disability: Judge

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London, Apr 17: Baldness is not a disability, a British employment tribunal has ruled, after a teacher complained being harassed by his pupils who allegedly referred to him as ''baldy''. James Campbell, who lost his claim that he was a victim of disability discrimination, argued that his baldness had a substantial and long term adverse effect on him and his career. The 61-year-old told the court the school children perceived his lack of hair as a sign of weakness.

But the tribunal in Glasgow decided that being bald could not be regarded as an ''impairment''. Judge Robert Gallsaid, ''It seems to me to take the definition of impairment too far if baldness of itself is to be regarded as being an impairment.'' In such a case physical features such as a big nose, a big ear or being smaller than an average height might be regarded as an impairment, the Telegraph quoted as saying.

Mr Campbell, who taught at Denny High School, Stirlingshire, said he did his best to avoid corridors, claimed he left school late every day to ''avoid the kids''.

The teacher claimed that because the children were prepared to call him names to his face he was always concerned that they could also assault him.


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