Amy Winehouse in fresh drugs scandal

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London, April 13 : It looks like Amy Winehouse just can't get enough of her wild ways - she is now at the center of a fresh drugs scandal.

The troubled singer snorted cocaine at a party last week with Sir Bob Geldof's 17-year-old daughter Pixie just feet away.

The 24-year-old singer allegedly sneaked off to the toilet to snort line after line of the deadly drug - with Pixie in the room next door.

A source said the Grammy winner was complaining to partygoers at her home in London, that if she doesn't kick drugs, she could lose her looks and her husband.

"I've been told I'll lose my looks over this-but I can't give it up," News of the World quoted Winehouse, as saying at the party.

"I'm told my scars might never heal. My dermatologist says it's a result of the drugs and it could spread to other parts of my body if I don't quit.

"What will I do if I lose my looks? Blake will never love me like that," she added.

A source revealed that as the singer's friends relaxed in the lounge, Amy got up and slipped off to the bathroom.

"Not only was it obvious what she was doing but I could see her. I was waiting to use the toilet and could see Amy through the door," the source said.

"It's sad to see one of Britain's hottest talents kneeling on the floor of a bog and snorting drugs.

"She dabbed up the last few bits of powder, making sure she got every last bit, from the lid.

"On top of the drugs she was drinking heavily. Bottles of rum and coke were lying around-she was clearly worse for wear," the source added.


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