Lifestyle alterations imperative for obesity management

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London, Apr 10 (UNI) All forms of therapy, drugs and surgery will go in vain for treating obesity, unless changes are made in one's way of living.

Changes in lifestyle were imperative if patients wanted to shed that extra bulk and maintain their weight loss, according to a review of research examining the effectiveness of different obesity treatments.

Dr Rob Andrews from the University of Bristol, who carried out the study, examined how different lifestyle interventions such as exercise, diet and behavioural therapies affected the treatment of obesity when carried out alone or in combination with other treatments such as bariatric surgery and weight loss drugs.

Lifestyle interventions provided benefits at all stages of obesity management and should be encouraged no matter what other forms of therapy were offered, Dr Andrews observed.

The study found that when weight loss drugs were given on their own with no other changes in lifestyle, they produced an average weight loss of five kg and the same result was obtained by going on a calorie-controlled diet and taking regular exercise.

However, if weight loss drugs were offered in combination with behavioural therapies like cognitive therapy, psychotherapy, relaxation therapy, hypnotherapy, their effectiveness increased from five kg to 12 kg average weight loss.

''People often forget that there is no quick fix to obesity.

Overeating and decreased activity are the fundamental problems underlying the development of obesity, '' Dr Andrews said.

Any therapy aimed at helping obese patients must have a dietary and exercise component in order to be successful, he concluded.


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