Making a man healthy, wealthy but not happy

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London, Apr 9 (UNI) Happiness... Is it all about a hefty bank balance and pink health? ''Not really!'' This is what most Britons believe, according to a recent survey.

Office for National Statistics revealed that three decades of improved living standards brought no change in the contentment and did not made Britons feel more secure.

One in six people admitted they were dissatisfied and uneasy and half of young people feared for their future financial security.

The startling figures revealed the number of British men drinking themselves to death had doubled in the past 15 years.

The report suggested that the benefits of higher earnings, universal consumer goods and travel opportunities undreamed of a few years ago were being offset by darker changes.

It pointed to the collapse of marriage and the spread of single-parent families, soaring levels of death from drink-related disease, and rising fear of crime as reasons why the country was not getting happier.

ONS chief Karen Dunnell said the organisation would now try to develop a new measure of how happy people were -- ''societal wellbeing'' - to help in understanding ''an increasing number of public policy needs and in political and public debate.'' UNI XC SYU VC1250

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