Young sunbed users at greater risk developing deadly cancer

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London, Apr 8 : It might provide you with the perfect tanned look, but using sunbeds can actually boost the risk of developing life threatening skin cancer, experts have warned.

A new survey by Cancer Research UK has found that people who start using sunbeds under the age of 35 increase their risk of developing malignant melanoma by 75pct.

Out of the 4,000-sunbed users, 82pct had an increased risk of skin cancer. The UV rays from sunbeds can be as much as 15 times more stronger that of the midday sun.

And frequent exposure to UV rays damaged the DNA in skin cells, which increases the risk of skin cancer and makes skin age faster, the researchers said.

"The results of our survey make for a stark warning to young people about the dangers of indoor tanning," BBC quoted Rebecca Russell, Cancer Research UK's SunSmart campaign manager, as saying.

"You can't always see the damage that UV does straight away. It builds up over time. But every time you use a sunbed you are harming your skin and increasing your risk of skin cancer.

"People who use a sunbed must be suitable to use one and must use it according to their natural tanning ability.

"So people with fair skin must be more cautious than darker skinned people when using a sunbed, and must adjust the time they spend on a sunbed accordingly," she added.

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