Columbia University Professor approves Siddharth's theory

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Hyderabad, Apr 8 (UNI) Prof Ronald Breslow of Columbia University and his co-worker M Levine have approved BM Birla Science Centre Director B G Siddharth's theory of dual mode origin of life.

For years, Dr Siddharth had been arguing that several complex molecules like methyl cyanide, water vapour, formaldehyde, methyl alcohol and even the potable ethyl alcohol reached earth through meteoritic dust or cometary fragments and chemically interacted with other ingredients present on the planet to kickstart the first life process.

Recently, Prof Breslow and Prof Levine found that predominant amino acids present in life-forms could indeed have been delivered by meteorites from deep outer space, thus seeding life on earth.

This new evidence was found on the surface of meteorites, which had crashed into earth in relatively recent times.


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