Transgendered man claims 'carrying a baby doesn't make him less of a man'

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London, Apr 4 : The transgender man, who is five-months pregnant, poured his heart out to US TV chat show queen Oprah Winfrey, insisting that carrying a baby does not make him "less of a man."

Thomas Beatie stunned the whole world after revealing his baby bump on the show.

"This doesn't make me less of a man," The Sun quoted him, as saying on the show.

Thomas, who once was a beauty queen named Tracy, vowed: "I'll be the father and my wife Nancy will be the mother. The only thing different about me is that I can't breast feed. But a lot of mothers don't."

He began his sex change in his 20s, having his boobs removed and taking testosterone but keeping his female reproductive organs.

He wed Nancy, 45, in Hawaii in 2003 and they decided to have children. But because she'd had a hysterectomy, Thomas tried for a baby using a donor and a home kit. He is now due to give birth on July 3.

Thomas said: "If Nancy could get pregnant, I wouldn't be doing this. But who hires a surrogate if they are perfectly capable of carrying their own child? Why would I trust someone else when I know I'll do a better job of taking care of my body than anyone?"

Thomas, who shares a five-bedroom house with his wife in Bend, Oregon, also confided his fears to Oprah for the future.

He said: "I'm afraid of how people will react, afraid for our safety. We don't need everyone to love us, but just because you're not like everyone else doesn't make you a freak."

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