Noisy weightlifter fined for exercising too loudly!

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London, April 3 : A groaning weightlifter whose noise levels reached as high as those of a rock concert has been slapped with a 70-pound fine for exercising too loudly.

Muscle-man Giran Jobe's two-hour training sessions in his top-floor flat in Margate, Kent, were so loud they reached 100 decibels - the same level as a rock concert.

The 36-year-old's neighbours had to lead a miserable life because of his loud grunts and the sound of his dumb-bells being thrown to the floor, a court was told.

Hence Jobe was brought before the Thanet Magistrates Court, Kent.

The dad of four admitted 47 breaches of a noise abatement order and vowed to do push-ups instead.

"The noise was so loud I thought he had an angle grinder up there," The Sun quoted neighbour Doris Fox, 68, as telling the court.

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