Meet the turtle who's addicted to cigarettes!

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London, Apr 1 : A turtle in China has got so hooked to cigarettes that it smokes half a pack a day.

Owner Li Yun said that his pet got addicted to smoking after finishing off fag butts he tossed into his garden.

Yun said that now the pond-dwelling creature gets upset if it doesn't get half a pack a day.

"Whenever I smoke it lifts its head out of the water and stares," The Sun quoted Yun, as saying.

"If I don't let it smoke, it swims around crazily, scratching the sides of its little pond.

"It won't stop until I give it a cigarette and it bites the butt - you can see the tip glowing.

"Within four minutes the cigarette's gone," Yun added.

After discovering the news, a local animal protection society said that it wanted to have words with Yun at Kouqian, China.

A spokesman said: "If the turtle smokes voluntarily there is little we can do - but we want him to stop making it public."


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