Sarkozy taller than Bruni, penguins flying.....April fool

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London, Apr 1 (UNI) Nicolas Sarkozy is getting head surgery done to become taller than Bruni and penguins have left the ice and started flying-- welcome to the world of best spoofs on fool's day.

According to British tabloid Sun, Mr Sarkozy is planning to have himself stretched by five inches so that he stands one inch taller than his new wife, Carla Bruni.

And if that is not enough , a spoof in the Guardian claims Carla had been appointed by Gordon Brown to lead a government initiative hoping to inject more style and glamour into British national life.

A Brown aide allegedly said: ''It was during the banquet at the Guildhall that the Prime Minister had his eureka moment.

''Yes, she charmed him. But the key point is that he is committed to putting that charm in the service of a better Britain.'' The BBC released the footage of penguins which it claimed would be shown tonight as part of a new natural history series, Miracles of Evolution programme.

A clip from the programme apparently showed a colony of penguins taking off to fly thousands of miles. The BBC claimed it had discovered the flying colony in the Falklands and filmed them for its new natural history series Miracles of Evolution.

A 90-second clip apparently taken from the new programme, to be broadcast tonight, was heavily flagged up on the BBC's homepage. But a close look at listings for all the BBC channels tonight reveals no such programme is due to be broadcast.

And if you click on the link to view it, it reveals it is a promotional trail for BBC iPlayer featuring writer and former Monty Python actor Terry Jones.


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