Balochs seek UK help in ''liberating'' Balochistan from Pakistan

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New Delhi, Apr 1 (UNI) Members of the Baloch and Sindhi communities in Britain have sought the UK intervention to end the ''illegal'' occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan, which was pursuing a policy of ''genocide and deliberate disregard'' of human rights there.

In a memorandum to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the members sought ''moral and diplomatic'' intervention of the United Kingdom to end the 60 years of ''illegal rule'' of Punjabi-dominated Pakistan over Balochistan.

They alleged Pakistan's military dominated establishment has been ''cruel, ruthless and committed gross atrocities and serious war crimes against the Baloch population.

''A ruthless military operation going on in Balochistan for the past five years has resulted in the loss of thousands of lives there,'' they added.

The memorandum urged the UK to use its influence internationally in favour of the ''genuine'' demands of Baloch nation. ''In the face of a policy of genocide, insanity and deliberate disregard for basic human rights being pursued by the Pakistani establishment, we plead for urgent action,'' it said.

The members said it was the ''moral duty'' of the UK government to assist the Baloch people in ending the ''illegal occupation'' of their country as per the treaty of 1876 between Great Britain and the State of Kalat (Balochistan).

''We also request you to look into the matter of Balochs arrested and persecuted in the UK due to misinformation provided by the Musharraf regime,'' the memorandum said.


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