India determined to root out terrorism says Manmohan Singh

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New Delhi, Mar 31 : Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said whatever the source of terrorism, we are determined to root it out and ensure that in a democracy, political change can only come through the ballot box and not through the barrel of a gun. While addressing the 23rd Raising Day of SPG here today, he reiterated the Government's firm commitment to deal with terrorists threats to peace and security, to political stability and economic progress, to social and communal harmony in our country

Recalling the tragic circumstances under which the SPG came into being, which highlighted the necessity of setting up a dedicated and specialised Protection Unit, he described SPG as a committed, disciplined and highly trained outfit, comprising handpicked officers, assigned the exclusive responsibility of providing discreet, yet effective and foolproof security to the highest political office of the country.

Singh complimented the adoption of 'Proximate Use of Force' by SPG as indicative of its quest to equip itself with the most appropriate techniques to face the challenges that lie ahead.

"It is indeed a matter of pride that India has such a committed and well-trained force, a force that is second to none in the world," he said.

Singh also pointed out the SPG's proposal to build capabilities in the field of 'Bomb Disposal' in a bid to equip itself to deal with threats from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents and assured that the Government would ensure all that it requires to upgrade the skills of its personnel and the organisation.

"Innovative lateral thinking with an independent approach is perhaps the way ahead in minimising the inconvenience levels faced by the ordinary citizen while ensuring the security of the political leaders," he further added.

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