Danish women can now swim and walk around topless in public pools

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London, Mar 31 : Danish women in Copenhagen have been allowed to swim and walk around topless in public pools.

The members of city's Culture and Leisure Committee voted immensely for permitting topless bathing.

"I cannot understand what some people find so offensive about women's breasts," The Sun quoted Frank Hedegaard, of the Socialist People's Party, as saying.

The decision came after a year-long campaign by pressure group, the Topless Front saying that women should be treated the same as bare-chested men.

"We women would like to decide by ourselves when our breasts should be sexual and when not," said Campaign Leader Astrid Vang.

"In swimming pools they should not and that is why the breasts should not be covered - We will bathe topless just like men," she added.

The Danish campaign came after the protests from the Swedish group called Just Breasts, which was formed after two women, were asked to cover up their breasts by a lifeguard at a public pool near Stockholm.

The protesters carried out several full-frontal marches in their country.

"We want our breasts to be as normal and de-sexualised as men's, so that we too can pull off our shirts at football matches," said one of the leaders, Ragnhild Karlsson.

However Canada has already allowed topless women in swimming pools and on beaches for several years.

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