TV quiz shows 'fuelling bullying in schools'

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London, Mar 26 : TV quiz shows might be keeping you at the edge of your couch but they're a bad influence on kids and are fuelling bullying in schools, warn UK teachers.

Steve Sinnott, the general secretary of England's National Union of Teachers (NUT), said that he was stunned by some of the 'cruel" insults celebrities dished out to each other on the TV shows.

He warned that kids ape the abusive behaviour of celebs they see on programmes like - 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' and 'They Think It's All Over' and, use 'grossly offensive and sexist' language in the playground.

"We've drawn attention to the appalling language of some young people which is often directed at each other and their teachers," The Scotsman quoted Sinnott, as saying.

"This language is too often grossly offensive and sexist," he added.

Sinnott accused television shows for allowing bad language to be broadcast and encouraging pupils to bully each other over their size.

"Too often such cruel behaviour can be seen on television programmes like Never Mind The Buzzcocks. When I watch that programme, I am quite shocked at the personal nature of some of the attacks by celebrities on other celebrities.

"We are promoting a type of speaking to each other that diminishes other people.

"I think it's being picked up by other youngsters who are developing it and are, I think, exceeding norms of decency," he added.

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