Di's butler Burrell paranoid that his TV career is over

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London, Mar 25 : Former royal butler Paul Burrell is a worried man these days over concerns that his very lucrative television may soon be coming to an end.

Burrell's reputation took a tumble when he confessed to bending the truth at the inquest into Princess Diana's death.

His admission was caught on tape and he could now be facing perjury charges.

Also damaging are accusations that he took an engagement ring from Diana's body after her death.

Now, Burrell is worried that the hits his reputation has taken could in turn effect his starring role in American reality show 'American Princess', in which he helps young women adopt regal-like manners, says a source.

"Paul has enjoyed far more positive publicity in the US but recent events have inevitably damaged his reputation over there. He was building up a successful TV career in the States but now he's paranoid it could be jeopardised because of the inquest," the Daily Express quoted the insider, as saying.

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