Country celebrates Easter with religious fervour

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New Delhi, Mar 23 (UNI) Christians across the country today celebrated Easter to mark the day of Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter, the most important day in the Church's liturgical calendar, commemorates Christ rising from the dead three days after he was crucified. It is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon or the first Sunday after Good Friday, when Christ was crucified.

In the Capital, the main prayers were held in Sacred Heart Cathedral (Gole Dakkhana) and Mary's Orthodox Cathedral (Hauz Khas), where thousands of faithfuls assembled to commemorate the festival.

Easter celebrations began around 0300 hrs in the national capital as Christ is believed to have been resurrected at the break of dawn. After the mass, daylong celebrations and feasting followed.

Several people visited charity homes and orphanages to distribute chocolates, sweets and milk.

Christian community in Tamil Nadu also took part in Easter celebrations. In most churches of Chennai, including Santhome Church, St Mary's Church, St Thomas Church and Velankani Church, the ceremonies, interspersed with readings from the Bible and blessings of the fire and water, began in the morning. Solemn mass was also held in various Catholic churches in the State.

Meanwhile, in the Union Territory of Puducherry, Christians conducted midnight and early morning mass in all city Churches.

Several political party leaders greeted the Christian population in the Union Territory on the occasion.

Christians in Meghalaya also performed the Midnight and early morning mass rites in churches with same fervour. Meghalaya Governor S S Sidhu extended his Easter greetings to the Christian community in the State.

Markets were teeming with Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies through out the christian-dominated areas in the country which were exchanged to celebrate the festival. After Good Friday fasts, people enjoyed day long feasts with roasted chicken and turkey forming a major part of goodies.

Easter is usually marked by devotees, lighting candles, singing devotional songs and holding special prayers. The coloured eggs are a big part of the tradition as eggs symbolise life.

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