PCI initiates pest awareness drive for children

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Mumbai, Mar 20 (UNI) Pest Control India (PCI) has initiated a pest awareness drive through education by introducing ''Book of Fun and Color'' for children.

The book teaches children the finer nuances of identification of pests, associating every pest with interesting characters such as ''Rascal the Roach'', ''Filu the Fly'', ''Mona the Mosquito'', ''Khatroo the khatmal'' and ''Timi the Termites'' from a whole new perspective. With the help of eye catching cartoon illustrations and small snippets, useful information on common household pests are also mentioned.

It also provides a comprehensive knowledge on the eating habits of different pests, their behavioral characteristics and their methods of invading a household.

Speaking here, PCI Vice President Marketing Nikhil Chatterjee said, ''We at PCI believe that education on pest management ought to begin from the level of children, so that they can learn to identify the pests that invade their homes. Children as well as their parents should be able to differentiate between different types of pests and the threats they pose before initiating a pest management drive.'' Children and adults can learn together the threat these pests pose to the well being of people as they are the carriers of most communicable diseases and can also cause damage to the household property to a great extent, he added.

Since pest problems cannot be solved without community support, there is a need to educate everyone on different methods of pest management. PCI has initiated this pest awareness drive in public interest to help people know more about pests.


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