RSS against ambiguous border talks with China

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New Delhi, Mar 19 (UNI) Expressing its concern about repeated incursions of the Chinese Army in the Himalayan region, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has taken exception to Indian negotiators discussing the border issue under the ambiguous clauses like 'populated and unpopulated areas' to allow China to exploit maximum diplomatic advantage.

In a resolution adopted at the Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha that took place recently at Brindavan, Uttar Pradesh, the RSS gave a call to the government to secure the borders immediately by upgrading the infrastructure along India's border with China. The other side had built all weather roads, wide railway network and high frequency communication systems all along their side of the border to serve strategic and military requirements. "We still lag behind on our side of the border on these matters," the resolution said.

The Pratinidhi Sabha also demanded that every post along China border be fully fortified to prevent any further incursions from the other side and give a fitting reply in the event of border violations. The unexpressed concern of porous nature of India's borders and there is concomitant threat looming on all sides in the Himalayan region. Large tracts of Aksai-chin, Ladakh and Kailash Mansarovar were already under China's occupation after it became India's neighbour afer annexation of Tibet in 1959.

The MPs and people of the region should vigorously campaign against violations thus drawing attention of political establishment and the entire nation. China's claim on Arunachal border was a serious issue calling for urgent attention.

The resolution said the unchecked influx of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh was changing the demographic profile of a large number of districts along the Bangladesh border posing serious threat to internal security all over the country changing the demographic profile in the region.

The India-Myanmar border along with the North-East remained porous and instances of foreigners trying to acquire land along the sensitive western and eastern borders had come to light. The government should do the needful to ensure that borders were properly sealed by war fencing increasing number of outposts, improving infrastructure along the borders and create a special agency for border management as part of the Defence Ministry for effective implementation of these measures.

The Sabha said that instability of Pakistan and Nepal was also causing pressure on border security and the assertion of defence establishment against reducing troop presence in the troubled Jammu and Kashmir state was a welcome move.

With the situation turning volatile in Afghanistan along the Line of Control, the western front needed strict vigil. Growing Maoist activity along Indo-Nepalese border in hitherto untouched states like Uttarakhand must be addressed with greater seriousness.

Touching on the increasing militarisation of seas in South, the RSS said that the Indian Ocean was fast turning into a future battle field leaving vast coastline unprotected. The Sethu Samudram Channel Project if allowed to continue will increase threat potential to South-Eastern coastline by opening a passage from the Bay of Bengal since some countries are not accepting the status of historic waters.


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