Feel of coffee mug affects taste: experts

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Washington, Mar 19 (UNI) The shape and feel of your coffee mug affects the taste of the beverage, experts claim, as a recent study found that containers make a difference in the consumers' perception about actual flavour of a particular food or drink.

A study led by an Indian researcher Aradhna Krishna showed that consumers evaluated the quality and taste of food and beverages by touching the containers.

The researchers further found that products packaged in flimsy containers had a negative impact on the consumers.

However, everyone does not have the same sensitivity to touch.

Therefore, the experts initially performed a pretest to determine which participants were strong autotelics, the sort of people who like to touch things before buying them, and participants with low autotelics or who were not particularly inclined to touch products.

Surprisingly, the experiments revealed that autotelics, who liked to touch and feel things were least influenced by touch in taste evaluations. Indeed, in a taste test of the same mineral water from both a flimsy and a firm cup, it was low autotelics who gave the most negative evaluations of the taste of the water in the flimsy cup.

The results were similar when participants were just told about the containers in a written description and did not actually feel them. Low autotelics expressed a willingness to pay more for a firm bottle of water, while high autotelics did not.

''High autotelics receive more pleasure from touching objects, tend to touch them more, and are more consciously aware of the potential effect of haptic clues on product judgement. As a result, they are more capable of adjusting for such clues in their product judgements when they are non-diagnostic in nature,'' the researchers explained.


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